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The AIDE - General FAQ

Commonly ask questions about The AIDE 

1. What is The Aide?

The Aide is a versatile WhatsApp chatbot designed to integrate various AI services into one convenient platform. Currently, it provides access to chatgpt-3.5, gpt-4, whisper, and dall-e from OpenAI. The AIde enables users to send messages by typing or speaking and receive responses in text or audio format. More features and AI services are planned for future updates.

2. How do I use The Aide?

To start using The Aide, add the chatbot to your WhatsApp contacts (+1 858-666-9979) and initiate a conversation by typing or speaking your message. Upon accepting the Terms of Use, you can configure default settings and begin exploring The Aide's features.

3. Is there a cost for using The Aide?

Free member starts with 100 credits. Credits allows you to use any functionality of The Aide at a different cost. Breakdown of the cost of each service is accessible here.

4. When is The Aide available?

The Aide is available 24/7, providing fast and efficient support whenever you need it.

5. Is The Aide secure?

Absolutely! The Aide prioritizes security, transmitting only message content via secure protocols to external third-party APIs (OpenAI) for bot queries. Your data remains private, retained only for session purposes.

6. How is my privacy protected?

We utilize an array of cybersecurity measures, including secure transmission protocols, encryption, acces controls and firewalls, to safeguard our services and the data you share with us. We adhere to European GDPR regulations. For more information, please review our privacy policy.

7. Can I access my chat history?

Yes, you can access your chat history at any time. Please note that we only store your data temporarily for session purposes, and it will be removed after a certain period of inactivity. You retain the right to acces, deny, or delete your data at any time.

8. How do I become a paid member?

To upgrade to a paid membership, choose from our available plans: Starter, Elite, or Ultimate.

9. What benefits do paid members receive?

Paid members enjoy increased access to features, as they receive more credits for usage.

10. How Do I access my remaining credit?

To view your remaining credit balance, type !credit in the chatbot conversation.

11. How do I get help or support for The Aide?

For assistance or inquiries about The Aide, send !help to the chatbot or reach out to us at

12. Can I use The Aide in a group chat on WhatsApp?

Yes, you can add The Aide to a WhatsApp group chat. However, please note that using The Aide in a group chat will consume your credits at the same rate as in individual chats. Ensure that all group chat members understand and agree to the Terms of Use before using The Aide in a group setting.

13. Can I customize The Aide's responses?

The Aide's responses are generated by the AI services it integrates, such as GPT-3.5 and GPT-4. While you cannot directly customize these responses, you can try rephrasing your questions or providing more context to receive different answers. Additionally, future updates may introduce more customization options.

14. Are there any restrictions on the content I can ask The AIDE?

Yes, there are restrictions on the content you can discuss with The Aide. Users are prohibited from engaging in conversations that involve illegal activities, harassment, hate speech, explicit adult content, or any other content that violates our Terms of Use. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate the service for users who violate these terms.

15. How often does The Aide receive updates or new features?

We continuously work to improve The Aide by adding new features, AI services, and enhancements. While there is no fixed schedule for updates, we strive to keep The Aide up-to-date with the latest advancements in AI technology and user experience.

16. Can I use The Aide on other messaging platforms?

Currently, The Aide is designed exclusively for WhatsApp. However, we are exploring the possibility of expanding to other popular messaging platforms in the future. Stay tuned for updates regarding the availability of The Aide on other platforms.

17. How can I provide feedback or suggestions for The Aide?

We value your feedback and suggestions for improving The Aide. To share your thoughts, email us at or send !feedback followed by your message to the chatbot. Your input helps us enhance The Aide's features and overall user experience.